What's on the dashboard?



The dashboard gives you an overview of your account.




Contacts – The number of contacts you currently manage at your account

Marketing lists - the number of active marketing lists being updated on your account

Journeys – the number of active journeys being update on your system

Lead sources – the amount of active lead sources you are currently connected to.

Connected Apps - the apps currently connected to your account (for example Facebook, email service providers, CRM etc.)

Sent messages - the number of messages being sent from your account via email and SMS. 



Quick Statistics – shows you in what stage of the sales funnel your leads are.

The funnel including the following stages: Converted, Register, Clickers, Openers, Contacts


Response by Marketing - show you statistics about the 5 Marketing lists who have the most openers.


Response by Supplier – show you statistics about the 5 suppliers who have the most openers where 'Other' stand for leads that are not associated to a lead source (manually uploaded/ landing pages/ etc.)



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