Managing Your Marketing Lists

Mange your Marketing lists

Managing Your Marketing Lists

To manage your lists, you'll need to go to "Leads" tab and click on "Marketing Lists". That will bring you to this screen:



Once you are here, you can:

  • Manage the marketing lists that you set up on the Leads Search screen
  • Set live feeds
  • Route leads in real-time to marketing lists in other apps
  • Sync marketing lists with other apps and platforms
  • Sync marketing list with Facebook
  • Track the performance of each marketing list


On the main table you will be able to see:

  • Marketing list ID
  • Marketing list name
  • Number of contacts in each marketing list
  • Active connections (the number of connections each marketing list has)
  • Criteria of the marketing list
  • Response by marketing list (number of unique openers and unique clickers in the list)




The expand button will show you the status of the connections and the progress of each connection (for example, Facebook sync, Live feed etc)

By clicking on the expand button on the marketing list, you will be able to see the status of your connections, pause feeds, and delete connections.

For every marketing list you can set the following actions:

 Allows you to change the marketing list name and select your folder it will be saved.

 will direct you to the journey builder so you can design the journey that fits your marketing list.

 allows you to sync the contacts on the marketing list to an "Audience" on your Facebook account and display targeted ads relevant to your group. To do that, you will first need to connect your Facebook account to Optinize- Learn How.

deleting the marketing list. Note that the contacts won't be deleted, only the marketing list.

 the actions button will open more options for the marketing list:

  • Apply journey to list – applying a journey on your marketing list means all the contacts will start the selected journey from the beginning (even if they have started it before). Click on the button and select the journey from the drop down journey options (this will need to be set before).
  • Transfer leads – Set a live feed and route new leads to your lists. NOTE: Live feed setup only applies on leads coming in from the moment the live feed was set.

For syncing all list members currently in your marketing list – you need to mark the Sync check-box.


When clicking the "Transfer list" button, you will need to select the ESP/app you want to sync your lists with. Optinize will automatically fetch your marketing lists on the connected ESP/app, and then you can select the marketing list on the "List details" drop-down menu, or you can create a new marketing list.

NOTE: in order to set an ESP connection, you first need to connect your app to the system (learn more)

  • Send feed by email – allows you to transfer contacts as a CSV file to an email address. Enter the email address you wish the contacts to be sent to and the frequency you would like to receive the files.

  • Download CSV – This will export your entire list members. You will be able to see the progress on the main table and on the Data Jobs screen.
  • Statistics – This action will give you a snapshot of the response you've got from the leads inside this marketing list.






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