Importing Leads & Leads Data

Settings – Importing Data


Go to Settings and then click on Data Import. Here you'll be able to manually upload your leads and lead data.

Step 1: Choose your action, source, and file to be uploaded.

Action Import – Choose an action from the drop-down menu.

Source – Fill in the source. Where did you get this information? ESP? Another system?

File to upload – Select your file that you want to upload.


File headers – If the file contains headers, please check this box.

NOTE: You can upload a file that contains email addresses or a lead ID number. You can add detailed information or simply add the token/subID you used for the campaign and Optinize will combine the information.

Step 2: Set your fields. Match the fields on file to the fields on the Optinize system.

Step 3: Review your field settings and approve.

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