How to Use the Leads Marketplace

Network – Lead sources


On this screen you can access lead sources currently connected to Optinize. You can review their offers and select the lead sources you want to start receiving leads from.

Defining Our Terms

  • Supplier – Each supplier has a unique ID. This ID is important for differentiating between suppliers. To review a lead source, click on the button to see the lead generation path used to generate the lead. NOTE: Nat not all suppliers share this information.
  • Market – The market the lead source is generating leads from.
  • Vertical – This column states the lead's interest by vertical, or what the lead is currently looking for. The "Coreg Only" (click here for more information about co-registration leads) option means the lead generation path supports all verticals.
  • Rate – The rates for co-sponsoring leads are accurate. However, for co-registration, the rate might be adjusted based on your requirements. In the case of a change in rate, we will need your approval before we start collecting the leads for you.
  • Estimated Daily Volume – The estimated daily leads being generated from the lead source.
  • Estimated Daily Cost – The estimated daily cost for buying leads from the lead source.
  • Daily Capacity – The max amount of leads you are willing to buy from the lead source on a daily basis. NOTE: Some lead sources will have a minimum daily spending rate in order to start a campaign.
  • Budget – The budget allocated to the lead source.
  • Leads Collected – When the campaign goes live, this is where you'll see the amount of leads collected from the lead source. For more information about the lead source activity, go to the Connected Lead Sources screen.
  • Cost – The cost for the leads received from the lead source.
  • Status – The status of each lead source.


How to Initiate Contact with a Lead Source

To start working with a lead source:

  1. Click on the request button . A "request" pop-up will appear.

  2. Fill in your budget for the specific lead source and your daily cap. If you don't have a daily capacity limit on the volume of the leads, mark "0" on the daily capacity field.
  3. After submitting a request our media team will contact you with your request status and will let you know if your campaign is ready to go live or if there are details still missing.


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