What Are Co-Registration Leads?

What are "Coreg Only" Leads?

Co-registration leads are leads who have answered "Yes" to your qualification question.Throughout the lead generation process, potential leads are being presented with offers they can choose from and questions they can answer. Only those who answer "Yes" to your question will be sent to you as leads.


On the marketplace, where you find a lead supplier with "Coreg Only" leads available, this means you can get targeted leads based on your personal qualification question.

Lead Generation Sample Questions

• Do you handle telecommunications decisions for your company and want to
be contacted by phone about how Vodafone can help your company with a money
saving solution that is based on the needs of your business?.

• Are you responsible for sales in your business and want to receive a 
phone call from Zeald about how they can grow your business and get
measurable results from your website? 

• Are you considering any of these products in the near future and would
like someone from Cigna Insurance to contact you by phone or post?

• Are you looking to buy a new car in the near future; if so would you
like to be contacted by Hyundai NZ via email about a test drive?

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