Getting Started with Optinize

Welcome to Optinize!

Optinize is easy to use behavioral marketing software that enables marketers to send multi-channel, automated personal messages ("Journeys") based on user behavior.

This guide will help you get started by showing you exactly how simple it is to use Optinize to incorporate automated multi-channel communications into your overall marketing strategy.

By walking through all of Optinize's key solutions, your Journeys will be up and running in no time.

An Overview of Optinize Solutions

Optinize main solutions:


  • Manage all your leads in one place
  • Visual Journey builder – From idea to actions in clicks. Design the journeys and automate your engagement.
  • Data Cleaner – Keep you lists clean with real time validation.
  • Dynamic Content – Deliver relevant content to effectively answer each customer needs.
  • Social Enhancement - Increase the engagement with targeted Facebook ads
  • Micro Segmentation- segment customer events for truly personalized experience
  • Behavior Tracking - Track page views, conversions, downloads, preferences and transform the data into actions.
  • Marketing automation - Send personal emails based on each individual behavior and preferences.
  • Smart Optimization - Measure the impact of your actions and optimize based on ROI
  • Email creator - Easily create responsive email templates

So, now you know what Optinize can do. To get the most out of Optinize, Set up your account and take care of these quick action items right away:

  1. Create your main marketing list
  2. Build your journey
  3. Design your email campaigns 
  4. Connect your apps
  5. Import your contacts
  6. Optimize your campaign and optimize your lead acquisition
  7. Get more contacts to your funnels

Building a solid foundation within the platform is essential before beginning to automate your marketing campaigns. Please read our how-to guide before you start setting everything up.


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