How to Create a New Journey

How to Create a New Journey

There are 2 ways to create a new journey; through the journey manager screen or from the marketing list. In Optinize each journey must be associated to a marketing list.

1.Creating a list from the Journey manager screen:

To get started click on the "Create new journey" button to create a journey 

Name your journey, select your marketing list, and choose a folder to save the journey. After clicking the submit you will be directed to the actual builder where you can design the journey.


2.Creating a list from the marketing list screen:

  1. Go to the contactsà marketing list screen
  2. click on the button on the marketing list you wish to build the journey for.
  3. you can decide whether you want to edit an existing journey or create a new one.

After naming your journey you will be directed to the journey builder.


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