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Settings – ESP Accounts

On this screen you can connect ESP (email service providers), SMS providers and CRM systems to your Optinize account. To do this, go to Settings and click on ESP Accounts.

Once connected you will be able to:

  • Send emails from your Optinize account using your current provider.
  • Send SMS messages from your Optinize account using your current provider.
  • Transfer leads between systems based on trigger events.
  • Sync all your marketing lists across all your systems.
  • Pull email data like openers/clickers/unsubscribe/bounce and more.
  • Pull data from your CRM system and update lead behavior based on that information.

How to Connect a New System to Your Optinize Account

  1. To connect a new system click on the "Add new+" button .
  2. Name your app.
  3. Choose your ESP by selecting your app from the pre-built integrations on the drop-down menu.  

    **NOTE: If your ESP/app is not on the list, please let us know at
  4. Fill in the following fields:
    • ESP Username – This is your API username. In some cases you will need to specially ask for a username and password for the API permissions on your app.
    • ESP Password – This is your API password.
    • ESP Account ID – This is your account number on your app/system.
    • FTP Host – This is the FTP host name on the ESP/app.
    • FTP Port – This is the FTP port on the ESP/app.
    • FTP Username – This is the FTP username required to enter the host on the ESP/app.
    • FTP Password – This is the FTP password required to enter the host on the ESP/app.

NOTE: The directory of your file should be updated for each marketing list separately, as this integration only occurs once.

5.Choose the status of your connection from the drop-down menu.

More about Setting Your FTP

Having an FTP connection in place will make it easier for both systems to sync your marketing lists and transfer leads between systems. Once you have an FTP connection in place, transferring leads will happen much faster. The FTP details should be provided by your ESP/app system.

After a connection is in place you can see it on the "ESP accounts" table:

You will now be able to see how many email campaigns are being tracked on each system, edit information, and check connection status.


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