How to forward a contact using “Send leads”

How to forward a contact using “Send leads”

This element allows you to forward contacts via email to a team member (for example, forward to support agent) based on any trigger on the journey.


After creating the email use the element menu button     to:

Preview - preview the email you have set

Delete - delet the element

Edit - Editing the email


There are 5 simple steps to set a “Send leads”:

1. Click on the edit button to set up your Admin mail.


2. Choose the email you want to send or click on "New Email" to create a new email.

Note: only Admin emails will appear on the drop down menu

To use this element, you will need to create the email you would like to send using the email builder and set the email as an "Admin Mail" on the properties tab. While creating the email you can use the personalization menu   in order to insert information you would like to add on the contact you are forwarding. For example, name, phone, element, interest. general information and more.

3. Type the email address you like to send the leads to.

4. Select the system (SMTP relays only) that you want to use to send the email from.

5. Click the "Submit" button.


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