What is an audience?


Dynamic segment is a group of contacts that share similar characteristics such as life-cycle state, age, gender, interests (AKA behavioral segmentation) and spending habits.

They are used mostly for on-boarding, nurturing, retention and win back lost customers.

 A dynamic segment is tied to a specific set of rules and is ever changing. This means contacts go in and out of the segment as they meet the existing criteria or no longer meet it.

 For example:

  • Date Purchased is “< 30 days”
  • and plan is “Premium"


With the above criteria, if that segment size was 100 contacts and you got 10 new customers today, the size of that segment would grow to 110 unless other customers age out or change their plan to something other than premium.

This allows you to plan your actions and create a journey that answer the contacts needs while needed. After setting a marketing list you can plan how you wish engage with your target audience though the journey builder in order to achieve your goal.


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