Adding contacts to your account

Import new contacts

There are several ways to import contacts to your Optinize account:

  1. Manually upload a CSV file with your contacts. Learn more.
  2. Collecting leads from a form – for this you will need to implement a Java Script code on your landing page that will collect the contacts from the form and will start tracking the contact's behavior. Learn more.
  3. Connecting to your CRM – you can connect Optinize to your CRM account and transform information collected on the contact from the CRM system into automated journeys. You can either select from our pre-built integration to see if we already have an integration in place for your CRM or use web service to connect between the systems. Learn More.
  4. Buying leads on Optinize marketplace. We have over 200 lead sources connected to Optinize that will happy to help you reach more customer. Learn more.



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