How to use the Email Builder

Using the Email builder to create your email

After selecting the "email builder" tool you will be directed to the email template gallery.

You can select a template or create a new email

After selection, you will be directed to the email builder

The email builder allows you to build a fully responsive email without any coding involve.

At the bottom of the email you can see the following buttons :

   save as email

  download the email

  save as template email

 sending test email. Please note that when sending a test email  - unsubscribe option will not be available.



On this tab you will see all the block types you can use on your email.

You can drag and drop images, text, headline, button, selection social media and more



On this tab you can modify each block separately. You can change the size, links, buttons and more.

You can also make changes for the entire email


For text blocks you will get a special tool bar to modify the text.

Using the tool bar you can design the text on the block, add links, add dynamic parameters for personalization and copy-paste codes.



On this tab you can modify the design on the email.

You can select to make changes on a specific block or the entire email.




On this tab you need to define all the email settings.


  • The unsubscribe language you will choose for the email will change the entire unsubscribe page.
  • Action URL field is an informative field for you to track your landing pages. It doesn't effect on your email.


On the gallery tab you can import your media to the email.

The preview button allows you to see how will your email look on different devices.




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