To transfer contacts directly from your landing pages and website forms you'll need to implement a simple JavaScript code on your web form.

Once the code is implemented:

  • Contact's details will automatically be transferred to your Optinize account.
  • A cookie will be added to the user's browser to track users behavior on your website and create customer journeys accordingly.

For example, tracking what URLs the user visited in, abandoned cart, completed a purchase and more. Click here to learn more about contact's actions.

Implementing the code:

The first step is to get your Buyer ID. Mouse over your account name in the upper right corner:


Click on “My Profile”.

Under your name there a box with your account ID:

Save it for later

  • You can create up to 10 different form IDs to separate your leads sources.
  • After adding your account ID and form ID to the Javascript code, you will need to match the fields on the form to the fields on your Optinize account.


Example of your web form before implementing Optinize Java Script:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<meta charset="ISO-8859-1">

<title>the title</title>





<form id="the_form" >

First Name: <input id="firstName" value="" >


Last Name: <input id="lastName" value="" >


Sub ID: <input type="" id="subid" value="" >


External Id: <input type="" id="externalid" value="" >


Email Address: <input id="emailAddress" value="" >


Phone: <input id="phone"  >


Gender: <input id="gender"  >


Birth date: <input id="birthdate"  >


Street: <input id="street" >


City: <input id="city" >


State: <input id="state" >


Country: <input id="country" >


Postal Code: <input id="postalCode" >


Area Code: <input id="areaCode" >



<button type="button" id="submit1" onclick="optinize_form_submit()">Submit</button>




The code you need to implement on your website:

<script type="text/javascript"> 


/* <![CDATA[ */

var optinize_client_id = 1602; // Ask for your client ID


var optinize_form_config = {

                    landing_page_id:1 , // 1 , 2 , 3…10 for saving the data on different sources

                     //submit_button: 'submit1',// one way to submit , another is to fire optinize_form_submit(); manualy after logical tests

                    //form:'the_form' , // put the form name or id according to the find_by parameter

                    find_by:'id', // name

                    // after_optinize_function: , // put the function name without parameters

                    submit_form_after_optinize:false, // default is true

                    data_fields: // put the field names or ids according to the find_by parameter


                             first_name: "firstName",

                             last_name: "lastName",

                             sub_id: "subid",

                             external_id: "externalid",

                             email: "emailAddress",

                             phone: "phone",

                             gender: "gender",

                             birth_date: "birthdate",

                             street: "street",

                             city: "city",

                             state: "state",

                             country: "country",

                             postal_code: "postalCode",

                             area_code: "areaCode",





/* ]]> */



<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


End of the Java Script code





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