Apps - Connect Unbounce account to Optinize

With this integration you will be able to collect leads from your “Unbounce” landing pages, directly to your Optinize account.


To start, login to your Unbounce account and create API key by clicking “Manage account”, “API access”, “Create new API key”.


Please Copy your new API key and go to your Optinize account.

Step 2 - Optinize Settings

  1.  Go to Setting, Applications. 
  2. Select “Landing pages” tab
  3. Click on “Add new”

Step 3 - Confiuration

Give a name to your account so you'll recognize it.

Fill your “Unbounce” API key, and click “submit”


Step 4 - landing page configuration 

After setting up the connection you will automatically be directed to the 'Landing Page' screen where you can see all the Forms you created on your Unbounce account.

You can go directly to this page: Network --> Landing pages

As long as status is “Live”, contacts that fills your Unbounce form will be automatically created in your Optinize account. 

Step 5  - Fields Matching

Last step is to match the fields in the form, with the Optinize fields.
Please click edit and start matching the fields.
If you have a custom field that not exist at Optinize, you can create it on Settings, Dynamic fields.

Unbounce integration includes the following:

1. Pulling all the active landing pages you have set on you Unbounce account.
2. Importing the users coming in per landing page. Please note users will be imported every 5 minutes
3. User's details will be validated before importing the user to Optinize (You can see the 'validation report' on the reports menu.
4. You can sync and update all your landing pages using the button on the landing pages screen.

Note: if you have over 1000 landing pages set in your Unbounce acccount you shuold click the sync button to import all the landing pages.

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