Tracking & Image Domains

A tracking domain is required in order to track and handle email opens, clicks and unsubscribes.
The image domain setup is optional, but enables the usage of our built-in user-friendly image library.

Setup Domain
To define your domains, you need to own a domain and simply define sub-domains for tracking and images.

For the DNS definition you will need to get your unique tracking values. You can find those on the application screen by clicking the '?' next to the DNS configuration fields. 

Configure the domains in the DNS system with the following values


Tracking: IN CNAME:[your account number]

Image:  IN CNAME:   [your account number]


Note: some DNS providers might require to place a '.' (dot) at the end of each definition.

The word "optinize" should not be part of the image or tracking domain definition
Below you can see a few examples for tracking domains setup in most popular domain providers. (click on logo for screenshots)

For additional DNS setup information please Contact us


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